INQ Mobile scraps Facebook phone and elects to go with ICS offering

INQ Mobile, the brains behind the Cloud Q, have decided to scrap their unofficial Facebook phone after a difficult year. The Cloud Q was supposed to have been launched some time in 2012 and was debuted back in February of 2011. It was slated to ship with Android 2.2 and feature a 2.6-inch display. A full QWERTY keyboard adorned the bottom half of the candy bar feature phone and presumably, was set to be fully integrated into the Facebook experience.

Well, plans changed. It looks like INQ Mobile doesn’t feel that a phone like the Cloud Q would be a good fit within the mobile market as it stands today. So, to adjust to the changing times, INQ has decided to abandon development on the Cloud Q and has instead focused its efforts on a new Android handset powered by the newest OS from Google, Ice Cream Sandwich. Now, we don’t know anything about the handset yet and seeing as how this announcement came less than a week before CES, it would be surprising to see any sort of finalized product this week. We will however, keep you posted on any developments!

via Android Guys

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