Intel’s first Medfield customer to be LG

Intel sent waves through the Android community when they announced that they would be jumping into the SoC game recently. Now, though reference designs were released to manufacturers, we had not heard from any device makers that their new Medfield chip would be incorporated into any new offerings. Well, that changed today. LG Electronics, the South Korean gadget producer, has announced that they will be coming to CES this year, armed with Medfield-powered smartphones.

Now, this isn’t any sort of guarantee. If you remember last year, LG presented an Intel Atom-powered smartphone which never came to fruition. The manufacturer pointed to the high power consumption of the Atom chip as the reason that this phone never came to the market. In any case, if Intel’s hype is true, they have significantly reduced power consumption on their new SoC which should allow LG to jump right into the market with a new device the community will drool over. How much drool is actually produced will be contingent on how amazing their new device(s) is(are). Looks like we’ll be getting our answer at CES.

via Hexus


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