Iris to ally with ChaCha to present a united front against Apple’s Siri

One of Apple’s biggest stories this year was of course Siri. With the lackluster release of the iPhone 4S and Android coming up in a big way this year, Siri has been the icing on the cake that iOS fanboys (and girls) love so much. It almost made up for the disappointment the Apple world felt over the decision to delay releasing iPhone 5, which the world was expecting when the 4S hit the market. Apple disappointing people, that’s not new. Apple’s mistakes notwithstanding, it looks like Android users may soon have an answer to the Q&A app that Apple built that isn’t just a pretty icon linked to Voice Search.

Iris developer, Dexetra, created Iris in a mere 8 hours, but of course, with a user experience that did not rival the Apple counterpart. Luckily, it looks like Dexetra has identified those deficiencies and is now partnering with ChaCha to bring Iris up to par. Now, for those that don’t know ChaCha is a Q&A app that has already been in development and is relatively successful with respect to Q&A apps. While the standards are pretty low in terms of community expectations that go above and beyond what Google already has integrated into iOS, their success was not necessarily a product of a minimalistic interface or some new, amazing system. What Iris will leverage from ChaCha’s features will be its massive database with quality answers that will allow queries that are inputted through Iris to be linked with ChaCha’s lexicon (so to speak).

We are all excited about the potential of this partnership. That being said, those that don’t want to wait for this to be released can still put Voice Search and Actions to good use on their Android devices. You won’t be able to ask your phone to marry you (yeah, that gets old really fast), but you will be able to do useful things like dictate texts and emails, voice control navigation destinations, play music from both local and cloud sources, and much more.

via Android and Me

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