ITC sides with Motorola in patent case, Apple loses

Way back in October 2010, Apple sued Motorola for 3 patents across multiple devices, including the Droid, Droid 2 and Droid X. Their attempt is already losing, as the preliminary hearing went in favor of Motorola. This isn’t the final decision however, as all 6 of the ITC’s judges will need to review the case and draw a conclusion. In other words, the fight has not been won, but Android is currently in favor.

Apple has been targeting many Android manufacturers over the last year, claiming that they are infringing on many of Apple’s patents. HTC has been losing their fight, and Samsung has had to change the designs on multiple products just to sell them. Hopefully the judges will side with Motorola and Android in the current case, and Apple may rethink their strategy. How do you feel about all the patent lawsuits? Who is right? Let us know in the comments below!

via PhoneDog; ITC

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