Kogeto iCONIC brings panoramic video capture to the Galaxy Nexus

The Galaxy Nexus has been getting a lot of love in the press and now, it seems like they’re getting some extra love from an accessory manufacturer. The manufacturer in question is Kogeto. If you know, the Kogeto Dot for iPhone was a panoramic lens attachment that became a smash hit and now, is distributed by Apple, nationwide, in all their retail outlets. Well, it looks like Kogeto took that winning formulation and brought it to the Galaxy Nexus. News is that it will be officially unveiled at CES .

The Galaxy Nexus flavor of the company’s panoramic lens is called the iCONIC. Their approach for the Android community, however, will be significantly different than the strategy employed for Apple’s phone offerings. Instead of producing the lens attachment themselves, they will be licensing their designs and software to OEMs so they can produce the accessory for their own respective handsets. This seems like a method for the company to deal with the wide myriad of devices available even on a manufacturer-by-manufacturer basis. So, CES, yes it will be big again this year and we will keep you updated as developments unfold.

via Engadget

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