Leaked LG C2X may be called the 3D MAX when launched

A few days ago a picture of what may be LG’s new flagship leaked, and it had a codename of C2X. We may now have an official name for it, as a new leak suggests that it may be LG’s latest handset with 3D on board. The phone might be called the 3D MAX, and would be successor to the Optimus 3D. No word on whether it will retain the Optimus name that we know and love, but it could be anyone’s guess.

The handset is rumored to feature high-end specs like a dual-core processor, dual 5MP cameras and a 4.3-inch NOVA display. From what we’ve seen, 3D on Android phones hasn’t been too great, with sub par viewing angles and overall poor performance. If LG can nail the 3D on their upcoming handset, it may finally be a worthwhile feature to have, instead of a gimmick. We’ll have to wait and see, as the phone will most likely be debuted in Barcelona at Mobile World Congress next month. Excited for the 3D MAX? Is 3D just a gimmick? Let us know in the comments!

via PhoneDog, GSM-Israel

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