LG Optimus Pad for Rogers now free on two- and three-year contracts

The LG Optimus Pad has been out for quite some time, especially for Rogers up in Canada. Released back in May of last year, it looks like the wireless carrier has finally decided to drop the price of the tablet, to make it more affordable for anyone wanting to pick up a tablet that could theoretically be on its way out the door for the carrier.

The Optimus Pad LTE is on its way, and if Rogers is indeed planning on carrying the tablet then moving the previous generation of the device out of its stores would probably be a smart thing. As far as pricing goes, it will still run you $549.99 on a no-contract, or no plan deal. If you want a month-to-month situation for your tablet needs, you’ll have to shell out $499.99. And then, if you sign your life over for a two- or three-year contract, the tablet won’t cost you a thing.

So, who’s going for it?

via Mobilesyrup

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