LG rumored to be pairing up with Google to build Nexus Google TV

Interesting news this morning, especially if you’re a fan of Google TV and what lays ahead for the platform. According to a pair of sources, it looks like Google and LG may be teaming up to bring the Google TV their own Nexus brand of reference device to the market. According to the sources speaking to Bloomberg, the TV would be the same type of reference design that the Nexus line-up of phones represent for the smartphone Android platform.

The rumored Google TV reference set would be running the newest version of Android for Google TV, and it would be devoid of any proprietary customizations. As for a release date, we’ve heard from Google in the past that the next major version of Google TV would be released before the end of this year, so we might not have long to wait before Google or LG come forward and announce something.

Interestingly enough, as of the time of this writing, neither Google or LG have actually denied or confirmed the report.

via Bloomberg

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