LG Spectrum for Verizon set to receive software update to fix Netflix playback issue

The LG Spectrum hasn’t been out all that long, but apparently the early adopters have been reporting that the Netflix application hasn’t been running all that well, if at all. An issue with playback isn’t the best for a brand new phone, or for any phone for that matter. But that’s where LG and Verizon come in, as the pair of companies have managed to wrangle up a software update to fix the problem.

That’s right, just as the image above shows, the update isn’t meant to do much else. Software version VS920ZV4 is meant to fix the Netflix playback issue, and that’s it. As for a release date, or scheduled roll-out, that’s anyone’s guess at this point. But, we imagine it shouldn’t be too long considering the update’s size.

via Droid-Life; Verizon

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