Meizu MX launch brings long lines of Meizu fans to China

So we announced earlier this month that the Meizu MX would be launched on the first of the year. Looks like the Chinese Android smartphone did fall into consumer hands today in the land of the Forbidden City. The dual-core smartphone has incited a mass influx of hungry consumers into queues all over the country. To avoid the chaotic mess of last  year in Shenzen and Huaqiangbei, customers were told to line up only after they got a phone call. Some decided that those words were nonsense and in true smartphone fanboy fashion were in line the evening before. Reports indicate that a Meizu rep even offered the first queued customer a night in a hotel which was promptly refused. Good job faceless soldier, you are a true techie.

In any case, Meizu’s final MX hardware iteration comes with an improved camera with oleophobic coating on the lens in addition to a tweaked white balance setting. The max clock speed now is 1.4GHz and the default video recording setting is now 1080p. Along with the epic launch, Meizu announced that the older M9 and the just-released MX would both be receiving the Android 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich) update later this year.

via Engadget

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