Mobile Digital TV crashing Android party in 2012

In South Korea, digital media has be broadcasted to the masses without the need for cable to deliver content. So, DMB (Digital Media Broadcasting) services are available on a huge range of phones (even ones that are several years old), tablets, and other PMPs. Well, it looks like we’re going to be getting a taste of that action very soon. Dyle, a company that has facilitated a huge alliance of 15 major broadcasting groups has started a vventure known as MCV, or the Mobile Content Venture. Partners like FOX, ION, NBC, Cox, and others have signed on to bring over 72 stations in over 30 markets, projected to reach about 50% of the US population.

The first device to sport Dyle’s digital content system will be a 7-inch touch screen device from RCA called the MIT700 which runs atop the Android OS. The projected price is $200 which is right in the sweet spot for phones and on the low end for users looking for tablets. Now, it looks like the device will be released in the Summer of 2012 and will be able to receive standard ATSC signals in addition to Dyle’s Mobile TV service.

via Phandroid

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