Motorola Droid gets ICS port; users rejoice

The CyanogenMod team made a lot of people sad when they announced that the 2 year old Motorola Droid would no longer be supported through official channels. Well, luckily, we have an army of Android developers in the community who don’t take no for an answer. Yes, it looks like another dev, kfazz, from our favorite developer forum, XDA Developers, has been burning the midnight oil working on a port for ICS.

The port is of course, like all most that have been recently released, is an alpha build. Features like in-call audio, the camera, and GPS are still broken and are awaiting fixes. However, the overall build quality and performance is surprisingly smooth. While the development on this ROM continues, the alpha release brings to light the question of on-going updates to phones that have been out in the market for awhile. Considering how old this phone is, the question now is will ICS make it on to other devices. Since manufacturers are choosing to cut the umbilical in that sense, our developer community is going to be that much more instrumental in keeping our phones from becoming once-expensive hood ornaments.

via XDA Developers

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