Motorola RAZR gets its first taste of Ice Cream Sandwich

The DROID RAZR may be the well-known version of the remarkably thin Android device, but the international version is the same handset minus the DROID branding, and touting GSM-connectivity. If you happen to be an owner of one, and you’ve been eagerly anticipating getting your hands on Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich, you may not have to wait all that long after all. The first unofficial taste of Android’s latest version of Android has now made its way to the GSM-based Motorola RAZR.

This build is built atop Android 4.0.3, and it apparently looks to be what Motorola definitely plans on implementing when they officially update their already launched devices. While there are a few things in the build that seem unfinished, the majority of it is looking pretty nice. We see that Motorola has a different outlook on the lockscreen, with a four-selection choice right at the start. Truthfully, while the icon pack is decidedly Blur-like, there doesn’t actually seem to be much customization by Motorola — but we imagine that will change as soon as Motorola is ready to let this thing go out to the public.

If you’re ready to take a crack at it for yourself, head on through the source link below and check it out. Remember, this is an early build, so accept it as such.

via Droid-Life; DroidRzr

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