Motorola to continue focus on Smart Actions in high-end devices

One of the other selling points of the recently launched DROID RAZR by Motorola, along with its GSM-based counterpart, are smart actions. It is Motorola’s way to make using your phone a bit different, while also aiming to make it easier, too. The location-aware software allows you to skip fumbling around in menus, and will allow the phone to automatically launch different applications based on time, location, and set protocols. IT’s a neat feature, certainly, and Motorola plans to keep its focus on those Smart Actions moving into the future.

Motorola’s plans were announced by the company’s Senior VP, Alain Mutricy recently. They plan on continuing support and development of the system, but how it will be implemented and in which devices has yet to be revealed. It is believed, though, that the RAZR series will continue to be the focal point moving forward, but we wouldn’t be surprised to see it integrated into other, high-end devices.

Stay tuned, as it probably will not be long before Motorola announces something.

via Engadget; AllThingsD

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