Nielsen reports Q4 numbers: Android on top and iOS gaining

Well the Q4 numbers are out and no one’s surprised. It looks like both Google’s Android and Apples iOS are gaining some traction in terms of market share. Android rushed in at about 46.5% which is a gain of 3 percentage points from Q3. iOS took silver with a gain of 2% up to 30% in Q4. Other OS, as predicted either saw extremely small gains (Windows Phone 7 @ 1.4% translating to a .1% increase) and both Symbian and Palm/WebOS saw drops (1.4% to .8% and 1.4% to .5% respectively). Continuing its downward spiral was RIM’s Blackberry OS which came in at a paltry 6%, a staggering 40% drop from Q3. No surprises, but not all news is good news. In any case,  we’ll see how the mobile space wars pan out as we move forward.

via Talk Android

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