Nook Tablet now has an easy microSD card-based root method

Barnes and Noble locked down the bootloader on the Nook Tablet pretty tight with a software update a few months ago, upsetting many users of the relatively inexpensive tablet. Since then it has been hard to root the tablet, but a clever developer over at XDA has figured out a new method that just requires a microSD card. It also requires that the user’s PC is Windows or Linux-based to modify the SD card. Eventually, the tablet will be able to boot into ClockwordMod just like most other Android devices.

This isn’t exactly a task for inexperienced users, at it requires partitioning of the microSD card. Once that is done, the SD card just needs to be inserted into the tablet, and it boots into ClockworkMod. It should be taken into consideration that this doesn’t unlock the bootloader, but does allow for basic modifications. This means that users will not be getting to flash different ROMs right away, but we’ll probably see something like that soon. Hit the Liliputing source link now to get the full instructions. If you decide to give it a shot, be sure to let us know how it went.

via Android Community; Liliputing

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