NSA locks down Google’s Android for security

The National Security Agency (NSA) has announced that they are releasing an enhanced version of Google’s Android operating system. Who said that Android wasn’t secure? Well, probably the NSA. Their work on the OS dubbed “SE Android” (SE for Security Enhanced) revolved around bringing Mandatory Access Controls to Android’s Linux kernel. It would work to prevent malicious exploits of the Android kernel by locking it down with encryption.

To use SE Android, you need to download and compile the latest and greatest from Android Open Source Project (ASOP) and load up SE Android. It’s been developed for use with emulators and the Nexus S. If you’re wondering if there will be support from the shadows provided by the NSA, you’ll be disappointed. So, that would mean that the end-user will need to have an intimate understanding of Android and Linux/Unix systems to take advantage of the package.

via Talk Android

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