Official Steam app hits the Android Market, only available to beta users

A few weeks ago we saw an unofficial Steam app hit the Android Market, but it offered limited functionality to end users. Steam owner Valve wants to be officially present, and has just added an official app to the Android Market. Not every user may access it though, as it is currently a part of a closed beta. The only way to get into said beta as of right now is to receive a beta invite via email.

The app is said to include all the features of the service, minus the games. Users can access the chat features, as well as buy games that can later be downloaded to a PC or Mac. It’s good to see that Steam is entering the mobile market, even if it’s just a social app. Users of the service will know that Steam offers deals on games often, so being able to purchase games on a phone makes it much easier to grab the deals without using a computer. Who uses Steam? Are you excited for the official app? Let us know in the comments!

via Android Community; Android Market

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