Operation: Make Ourselves Heard doesn’t think the Motorola RAZR Developer’s Edition is acceptable

The situation with Motorola and unlocked bootloaders isn’t done. Not done at all, in fact. We told you not too long ago about the petition that people around the Internet had put together to reach out to Motorola, to get some kind of answer as to why the company hasn’t released any information regarding unlocking bootloaders for already released devices. Apparently the situation has been made worse with the upcoming release of the RAZR Developer’s Edition, which doesn’t seem to be a good enough response with the development community.

The forum has been open over at the XDA site, and you can go ahead and head through the source link below to pitch in your own two cents. There’s no doubt that Motorola has taken the wrong road when it comes to the development community, and the fact that they haven’t released an unlocking tool for their device’s locked bootloaders yet does seem pretty strange. We’ll just have to wait and see what happens.

Thanks to everyone who point this out!

via XDA

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