Pantech reportedly set to pay Microsoft for Android patents

Microsoft has been watching over the Android manufacturers like a hawk. Thanks to the patent policy in place here in the United States, Microsoft is capitalizing on licensing agreements from many of the largest Android vendors out there, all in hopes of making a few extra dollars per handset sold. It looks like Pantech is next on Microsoft’s radar, if a new report from the Yonhap News Agency is to be believed.

Following in the steps of LG, which was reportedly the last manufacturer to ink a deal with Microsoft, Pantech looks ready to settle outside of the courts and avoid any patent disputes by ponying up some cash for reach Android device sold. If rumors are true, LG is paying upwards of $5 per device sold to Microsoft.

Samsung, HTC and LG have all signed up with Microsoft to avoid legal battles, so it is no surprise that Microsoft would be going for a company like Pantech, who is revving up their Android support and getting ready to make a statement here in the States. The manufacturer has announced not only their first AT&T LTE device with the Pantech Burst, but they’ve also got an 8-inch Android tablet (the Pantech Element) on the horizon as well, set to launch for AT&T in the coming weeks. It is unknown at this time how much Pantech would be paying per device to Microsoft, if the deal is indeed true.

via Yonhap News Agency; Mobilesyrup

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