Point Inside offers one-stop access to deals, maps, and indoor navigation

Point Inside Shopping & Travel is an app that was released quite some time ago, but recently changes bringing added functionality. For those that are uninitiated, Point Inside is essentially a Google Maps for the indoors, specifically retailers. Their database has information for over 1150 malls across North America, and over 100 airports worldwide. It also has maps for theme parks and museums.

So why should you get on this? Well, first, how hard is it to find a directory in a mall these days. Pretty difficult. Even 5 years ago, maps would be everywhere. Now, those maps have been replaced with sad, scrolling advertisements that give you zero information. Enter Point Inside. It offers navigation within a mall to your favorite stores but that’s not all. You can also get relevant info like business hours but also provide you with deals that are being offered at the stores you visit. Need an ATM? Point Inside has you covered. Hungry but don’t know where to eat? It can help you do that too!

So for all you folks out there that still do the brick-and-mortar thing when it comes to buying clothes, shoes, etc. Give Point Inside a try and let us know what you think below!

via Talk Android

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