Research firm Ovum says Android will be choice for developers in the near future

Since the unveiling of Android, and its subsequent march into the future of the platform, it has been said that Apple’s iOS is the platform of choice for developers. While it is still true that some top-notch applications out there make it to the Apple-branded platform earlier than Android, it looks like some folks out there in high places look to see that changing in the near future.

According to research firm Ovum, Android is poised to take the main seat for developers within the next 12 months. As the Android army continues to grow and more manufacturers out there use the platform to create devices, developers are now forced to recognize the platform as a viable source to reach buyers. According to the firm, Android developers have started to use advertising and in-app purchases to increase revenue with their applications, which shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone.

Will we start to see high-end, first tier applications start to make their way to the Android platform first, and then to Apple’s iOS? Maybe, and it will be a good day indeed.

via CNET

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