Rockchip Electronics will power multiple Android 4.0 tablets at CES, at least one at $100

Rockchip Electronics, a company unknown in the US is planning to make a huge debut at CES 2012. The Chinese company is planning to have around 30-40 tablets with its chips inside at the show next week. At least one of those tablets will be in the $100 price range, which will feature a 7″ screen. They also plan to have a 10″ tablet there which will retail for $150-$200. The tablets will all be powered by the latest Google operating system, Android 4.0.

With the success of tablets like the Kindle Fire at the low $200 price-point, it should be interesting to see what prices decent tablets hit at this years CES. The promise of a good Ice Cream Sandwich-powered tablet could be great for many users looking to get a cheap Android fix. Hopefully they won’t be the typical run-of-the-mill Chinese tablets, and will actually offer some good competition. We’ll have to wait till next week, when CES kicks off. Do you think companies could make a good tablet at $100? Will it even be worth it? Let us know in the comments!

via TabTimes

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