Rogers and Fido get the Galaxy Nexus on January 10th

Looks like Verizon’s exclusive chokehold on the Galaxy Nexus is just about done. Wrapped up in less than a month so hopefully, Verizon has taken advantage of the small head start. In any case, looks like following Bell and Virgin’s announcement that they would be carrying the new Samsung flagship device, Rogers and Fido are getting on the band wago.

Based on a leaked internal document, the Nexus will be marking the start of its relationship with the pair of carriers on the 10th of January. For those without a calendar, that’s next Tuesday. The document also states that stock will be received shortly and will be available for sale in just 1 week. No announcement on pricing but it should be right around the $150 to $250 dollar range on contract if the trend established by Verizon, Bell, and Virgin are any indicators.

via Mobile Syrup

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