Samsung Galaxy Nexus (GSM) gets updated car dock with 3-pin connector

Well, everyone’s been looking and it looks like we’ve found it. For all you people out there than spent that chunk of change on the GSM iteration of the Samsung Galaxy Nexus, a real car dock (not just one that is a piece of plastic) will be offered at retailers soon. Unfortunately, if you want it quick, you may need to order from an international vendor. Now, all the retailers that were/are selling the device here in our country should be getting the accessory soon, but no timeline has been announced.

Unlike the car dock being offered to Verizon customers, this one actually supports the three pin connector located on the side of your Galaxy Nexus. It also automatically calls up driving mode when you stick your phone in it so that’s some added convenience you can look forward to. Unfortunately, those of you with the 4G LTE flavor of the smartphone may not be able to use this new accessory. That is due to the fact that the two models out right now are not the same size (Verizon’s 4G LTE device is slightly thicker than its GSM counterpart). That being said, no tests have been done to confirm this and everything is really contingent on whether the position of the 3-pin connector is the same. In any case, this is definitely something to look forward to and with the success the Galaxy Nexus is having at retailers, looks like we may have a hit accessory on our hands.

via Phandroid

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