Samsung Galaxy Note for AT&T confirmed by poster at CES 2012

For those walking around Las Vegas during the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, it’s quite easy to spot an unannounced device from time to time, thanks to the huge posters, or even the small ones, that litter the City of Sin’s layout during the convention’s time in the area. It’s a great and easy way to get a confirmation regarding a device’s upcoming release or unveiling, even before the company has a chance to unveil the device at their official event. That’s what has happened with the AT&T-branded version of the Samsung Galaxy Note.

As we’ve heard plenty of times in the past, the device is certainly going to be announced at today’s AT&T event, where the large phone/tablet device will finally be showcased here in the States, with a local wireless carrier’s logo right on the front. The poster was seen on the showroom floor at CES, well before it’s timed official announcement. But, as you can clearly see, that’s the AT&T name and logo above the 5.3-inch display.

We’re waiting for AT&T’s event to kick off here shortly, so stay tuned, and remember to head on over to PhoneDog’s live coverage of the event, where there will probably be plenty to be excited about.

via PhoneDog; The Verge

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