Samsung Galaxy Note for AT&T rumored to launch February 18th

The Galaxy Note by Samsung is easily one of the most sought-after devices globally, despite it having a very large display. At 5.3-inches, the Galaxy Note is easily the largest smartphone out there, even as people target it somewhere between a phone and a tablet. Globally, it’s seen plenty of sales, but the device has yet to make a State-side launch. We know it’s coming to AT&T in the near future, but up until now the date has been an unknown element.

That changes with a recent rumor, sent in to BGR, that claims that the device will be landing in AT&T stores on February 18th. More to the point, a price tag came along with the rumor, stating the large smartphone will be set at $299.99, which makes the Galaxy Note not only the largest handset on AT&T’s roster, but also the most expensive. It will be able to connect to AT&T’s 4G LTE network, though, so that will probably sway folks in that direction whenever it launches.

Are you anticipating getting this handset?

via BGR; PhoneDog

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