Samsung Galaxy Note receives maintenance update

When we hear about maintenance updates, we usually think of small bug fixes, maybe a new feature or two. Samsung had a different idea on its latest, now rolling out the the Galaxy Note. A few things were changed on the lockscreen, so it is now more user friendly and easy to unlock the device. The standard Samsung keyboard will now feature a dedicated number row, as the Note’s large 5.3-inch screen can accommodate it. Another fix comes in the keyboard and dialer, as both can now shrink for one-handed use of the phone.

These weren’t the only fixes, as there are also a few smaller ones. In the Calender app, the date format will now always change to the native format accepted by the countries the language is spoken in. Screen brightness can be further optimized, allowing even better battery life. Also included is a torch widget for the homescreen, which allows users to easily activate the LED on the back of the device as an easy update. The update sits a 70MB, and is now being rolled out as an over-the-air update. It may not be Ice Cream Sandwich, but should hold off users until ICS is ready. Get the update? Tell us about it in the comments!

via theunwired

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