Samsung Galaxy Player 3.6 launches in South Korea

For all you fans of PMPs out there, looks like we have some good news for you today. Samsung Electronics, the masterminds behind the Galaxy Tab line of tablets and Galaxy S phones has released a new Galaxy Player which is a personal media device much like the iPod Touch that leverages the Android ecosystem to bring a smartphone-like experience to the user. The 3.6 player has a 3.65-inch touchscreen in addition to leveraging Bluetooth 3.0, WIFi b/g/n, and having either 8GB or 16GB of internal memory. It’s priced at 200,000 Won which translates roughly to about $185 US dollars. Unfortunately, the player was released in South Korea and we have yet to hear if any plans exist for bringing this bad boy stateside. When we know more so will you.

via Samsung Electronics

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