Samsung Galaxy S II gets leaked ICS ROM

You know what tastes really good? Ice Cream Sandwich on your Samsung Galaxy S II. Well all joking aside, all you Galaxy S II owners out there, today is your lucky day! Looks like Samsung’s build of ICS for the Galaxy S II got leaked over the weekend and has landed on XDA Devs. Two builds were leaked. The first is based on the XXKP4 firmware that brings 4.0.1, and the second is based on XXKP8 which brings 4.0.3. Now, both the rooted and the non-rooted kernels are up for each firmware flavor which is great news. Obviously, we recommended that you update to 4.0.3 which is the latest and greatest from the Android team at Google.

The releases, while running off of ICS, bear a striking resemblance to the UI experience you are already familiar with. Never fear, it is sitting atop ICS and have been fully updated to include all the enhancements. That being said, the user experience won’t change too much simply because Samsung has kept to their practice of applying TouchWiz (Samsung’s customized user interface) to their devices, with the exception of the Nexus-branded phones of course. Keep in mind, that which ever version you decide to use, you will be performing a full wipe of your phone so back up accordingly.

via XDA Developers

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