Samsung Galaxy S III may be launched in March, Galaxy Note S may also be coming

Everyone has been waiting on Samsung’s latest super phone, the Galaxy S III. We’ve heard nothing official on it yet, but many anticipate that it will announced or even released in the first quarter of the year. We may have a date, as Turkey is said to be receiving the handset on March 13, a little under a month and a half away. If history repeats itself, this means that the rest of Europe will be getting the handset at about the same time. Also note that this probably isn’t relevant to enthusiasts in the US, as Samsung usually launches their US variants months after the European release.

If this rumor holds true, March could be a big month. A successor to the Galaxy Note was also mentioned, to be known as the Galaxy Note S. The original Galaxy Note has been extremely successful despite such a large display, and a follow-up would make sense. It is said to launch no later than the end of the year, so the original may be able to make a full-year cycle. Nothing is confirmed until Samsung has said it themselves, but the odds do seem likely. Do you think the Galaxy S III will be released this soon? Excited for another Galaxy Note? Let us know in the comments!

via Unwiredview

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