Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 gets whitewashed and captured on camera

We reported earlier that the Galaxy Nexus would be released in white and we brought you some pictures to prove it. Well, as excited as we are about that, it looks like there’s some more news from the Suwon-based manufacturer in the whitewashing department. The ever popular and deliciously controversial Galaxy Nexus 10.1, and its diminutive sibling, the 7 both had photoshoots today and they’re looking great.

Pictured above is the 10.1 iteration of the tablet and if you notice, the entire front bezel is white. A welcome change in pace to the report of the Galaxy Nexus from this morning that utilized the same black bezel, albeit with a white backing. The original SGT 10.1 was released in white, however, if you remember, it was much more Galaxy Nexus-esque in that the front bezel was still black. No longer. We weren’t fans of that but we definitely support this. Hopefully, Apple’s suit-happy lawyers won’t come back with a lawsuit telling Sammy to avoid white.

via Android Community

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