Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 ruled to not infringe on Apple’s design right

It may seem like Samsung and Apple are in the news every day regarding their legal disputes, but thankfully there seems to be some quiet days out there. Unfortunately today is not one of those days. According to a new report from Reuters, a Dutch court has ruled in favor of Samsung, saying that that Galaxy Tab 10.1 tablet does not infringe on Apple design rights. This is a decision based on an appeal that Apple made from a lower court’s decision not to ban the Tab 10.1 back in August of last year.

The Dutch court had to go over pieces of art and design elements between the Galaxy Tab 10.1 and Apple’s design rights, along with their own gadgets, before coming to a ruling. The result is that Samsung does not infringe on Apple’s design rights, and that the Galaxy Tab 10.1 is perfectly acceptable. This is just another win in Samsung’s corner, but we imagine that this isn’t going away any time soon.

via Reuters; PhoneDog

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