Samsung Galaxy Tab usage down, Amazon Kindle Fire now at large

We knew that Amazon’s cheap tablet, the Kindle Fire, had some great sales this past holiday season. It turns out that they cut into the Android usage market, and even cut the Samsung Galaxy Tab’s usage in half. In November the Galaxy Tab held 63% of the usage on Android tablets. By January, it held only 36% of the market. By that time, Amazon’s tablet matched that with 36% as well. This doesn’t necessarily mean that Tab owners stopped using their tablets, but that Amazon has had some amazing sales this past quarter.

Another interesting fact is that Kindle Fire owners tend to buy over 2.5x the amount of paid apps as owners of the Galaxy Tab do. This leads to direct profits for Amazon, while Samsung uses the Android Market on their tablets. This is good for Amazon considering they lose about $4 for every Fire sold, and they need to make that back up to remain profitable. Android tablet owners, how much do you use your tablet? Do you own more than one? Which one do you use more? Let us know in the comments!

via Electronista

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