Samsung Galaxy Tab with a 2GHz processor may be shown at Mobile World Congress

While we may not see the Galaxy S II at Mobile World Congress, that isn’t going to stop Samsung from releasing a new tablet in their line of Galaxy Tabs. The newest rumor is stating that Samsung will be showing off a new tablet sporting a 2GHz Exynos processor, running Ice Cream Sandwich. It will also feature a larger than 10-inch display, with a high resolution of 2560×1600. That would easily make it the highest resolution of any tablet on the market, with the highest specs to date.

Most of this is going off of assumption, but the odds do seem very likely. One issue is that we will not see this tablet until at least the second quarter, as the new Exynos processor will not be going into production until then. Another concern may be price, as these high-end specs probably won’t come at a low price. We’ll have to see at Barcelona next month, as until then it is all speculation. Excited for the new Galaxy Tab? What do you think the price will be? Let us know in the comments!

via AndroidandMe

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