Samsung keynote focuses on breaking barriers between devices

Samsung Electronics has been a huge force for Android and the gadget world in general. While Android is a priority for the gadget manufacturer, it looks like the Suwon-based conglomerate decided to focus this year’s CES keynote on a concept that has been floating around since we started carrying screens in our pockets, connectivity. A seamless experience across multiple devices that creates a unified ecosystem across a variety of hardware ranging from smartphones to home appliances.

At the center of Samsung’s digital ecosystem is their line of SmartTVs. While there isn’t much to report on the Android front with regard to their many boob tubes, let’s walk you through Samsung’s vision of your future home. Samsung’s vision can be broken down into four major categories of hardware:

  • Smart TVs
  • Smartphones & Tablets
  • Smart appliances
  • Smart cameras/camcorders

Your Smart TV will be the biggest screen in Samsung’s vision for your future. It will unify all content and settings throughout your Samsung-branded home by leveraging various features. The Smart TV will allow you to view content including movies and shows from internet media streaming services like Netflix and Hulu. No remote control? No problem, the creme-de-la-creme line of their Smart TVs will come with integrated webcams that will allow you to control actions via voice or gesture.

That’s not all. We all know how big smartphones are for Sammy. This year, it’s no different. They have already made clear plans to bring the Galaxy Note through to the UK and US, but that’s not all. We know that the Galaxy S II line of phones was immensely successful so it won’t be a push to expect a newly-minted Galaxy S III line. Further, with Sammy’s focus being on connectivity, they will be introducing features to their smartphones like universal remotes, camera/camcorder control (more on this below), and even appliance control. Need more good news? If you figured that these features would be available on the Galaxy line of tablets too, you’re right. With Samsung pushing their Galaxy Tabs in full force, you can bet that there will be a growing number of users joining the Samsung family this year.

While Android isn’t on Sammy’s cameras, that doesn’t mean that they won’t play nice with your Samsung smartphone. At the keynote, Samsung announced a full line of Smart cameras and camcorders that will have a wide range of connectivity options. Features like auto-backup (reminiscent of Google+/Picasa) will allow you to save pictures instantly via WiFi. That’s not all, now, your Samsung smartphone will be able to control your camera so you can set that up for a family shot and no one will be missing.

This is going to be a big year for Android and with Samsung’s reach, their plans for a more unified experience, and their commitment to quality products, we can’t help but be excited about any new developments from the most prolific Android manufacturer.

via Samsung CES 2012 Keynote

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