Samsung Mobile to release 2 new tablets

Looks like Samsung isn’t resting on their laurels which is great news for all of us. Even with the impending release of the AT&T Galaxy Note and the buzz surrounding the new Galaxy S III, the Suwon-based manufacturer is not slowing its pace. It looks like Sammy has two new devices that just got WiFi certification and with the iPad 3 on the horizon, it isn’t much of a stretch to say that Samsung may be prepping for a new tablet launch.

We’ve heard the rumors of a 2GHz Exynos-powered tab in the works and now, it looks like that has been all but confirmed. Two devices named the GT-P3100 and the GT-P5100 have been WiFi certified. Now, we don’t know much more about these devices as of yet, but with Mobile World Congress just around the corner, will we be hearing more? Best guess, they’ll most likely be rectangular in shape and offer an intuitive experience (Hopefully that doesn’t mean another lawsuit for you-know-who). Most definitely. So, when we hear something we’ll let you know. For now, we’ll just wait anxiously, thumbing our Galaxy Notes until that day comes.

via Talk Android

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