Samsung pledges a full day of life on single charge for 2012

We love it when companies make grandiose promises. I guess we’ll have to wait a bit to see if Samsung delivers on this new one, but the outlook is good. What promise you ask? Well, it looks like all our complaint about battery life have been heard because today, Kevin Packingham, the VP of Product Innovation, delivered a statement today wherein he promised that in 2012, Sammy’s phones will be able to go the whole day with a single charge.

Now, that promise will be fulfilled in two ways. The first is that we may see phones that are a bit thicker than we’re used to. This is to accommodate a bigger battery. That’s great news, but there’s more. What we’re really excited about are the software upgrades that are going to be implemented. Things like the way your phone will search for WiFi and use 4G LTE connections among other things. Our hope is that those updates will roll out to current Samsung phones on the market. We’ll see how this all pans out, here’s to hoping!

via Android Police

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