Samsung renegs on promise of Value Pack for Galaxy S line

We feel for all you Samsung Galaxy S phone owners. The past 3 weeks have been an emotional roller coaster. So much so in fact that it may have made you wonder if Ice Cream Sandwich is worth all the trouble. Well, it looks like Samsung has made the decision for you.  If you remember, initially, the Suwon-based manufacturer was holding off on its decision to release ICS to the Galaxy S line. Then, in a reversal they announced that memory limitations would prevent a full update. In lieu of the complete ICS ROM, Samsung told the community that they would release a “Value Pack” that would bring some key ICS functionality to the line.

Well, it looks like all those announcements were for naught because today, we learned that Samsung has stopped work on the “Value Pack”. A Samsung spokesperson has said that the company will not be offering the update due to “hardware specifications of older Galaxy devices, in that they are limited to and fully optimized for the Gingerbread experience”. Looks like you Galaxy S owners will need to rely more heavily on the Android community of developers to work on some custom ROMs.

via The Next Web

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