Screencast Video Recorder on sale for only $0.99

Screencast Video Recorder is an app that allows users to take videos of what’s on the screen of their Android device, all done in the MPEG4 format with audio. The app just hit 100,000 downloads, and the developer is looking to celebrate by offering the app at 75% off. $3.99 is the normal price, and the developer is cutting that to only $0.99 in celebration.

The app does have a large flaw, as it does not currently support the Galaxy Nexus or devices with Tegra 2 processors. Users with either of those issues will have to wait if an update is released, if ever. Also, it requires devices to be rooted before use. Not the toughest requirement, but one you should consider before purchasing the app. Grab it now at the Android Market source link below. If you do pick it up, be sure to let us know what you think in the comments.

via Android Police; Android Market

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