Sony 2012 roadmap leaks; 12 devices before early Q4

Well, while many companies promised that they would decrease the number of releases to concentrate on the quality of the handsets they would be delivering in 2012, it looks like Sony didn’t get the memo. It may be due to poor earings, but whatever the case, Sony is about to make 2012 a really big year. Instead of going the quality over quantity route, they are definitely focusing on getting more handsets out there. Hopefully that doesn’t mean that we’ll be seeing a drop in build quality and performance, but that is just something we’re going to have to sit back and wait to see.

As you can see from the list the Xperia S will be leading the charge and from what we’ve seen at CES, it isn’t a bad piece of hardware. From there it get’s a little crazy. 3 phones in April, one in June, 2 in July, 2 in August, and 3 in September. With Mobile World Congress on the horizon, we’re sure to see more info coming out about at least a few of the phones on their roadmap. Well, our thoughts and prayers are with Sony and we hope they make it through this transitional period. After all, divorces are never clean and the victims are the kids.

via Android and Me

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