Sony Ericsson teases another photo ahead of CES debut

Sony Ericsson is all about the build-up, it seems. Stoking the fire of anticipation with these recent photos of some unknown device, suggesting the whole time that they’ve got something interesting to show off at this year’s Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. Well, they’re still prodding the embers, posting yet another photo of this expected device, but still managing to dance around the flames of specificity.

We still have no idea what this device is, but the rumor mill is pointing right at the Sony Ericsson LT26i, or the Nozomi if you prefer. Interestingly enough, this could be the device that acquires that “ion” name, which Sony Ericsson recently trademarked. Whatever the name is, the device is certainly looking good, even if we can only see the back of it. It sure does look shiny, doesn’t it?

via Sony Ericsson Facebook

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