Sony Xperia LT22i Nypon could be known as the Xperia P when it launches

Not too long ago we found out through the Indonesian equivalent of the FCC, Postel, that the Sony Xperia “Kumquat” would probably be known as the Xperia U when Sony finally decides to launch it sometime later this year. And now we are seeing another Sony-branded device make its way through the regulatory service, but this time it is the Sony Xperia LT22i, or Nypon. We’ve heard about this device in the past, so it isn’t a surprise name appearing in their database.

And Sony seems to be sticking with their single letter names, if this pans out. According to the information from Postel, which you can see above in the image, the Nypon could be known as the Xperia U once it is finally launched. Of course, Sony is staying tight-lipped on all of this so far, and none of these handsets have been officially unveiled quite yet. All signs point to this year’s Mobile World Congress, which is less than a month away, so if you’re excited to see these new Xperia-based handsets find their way into the real world, stay tuned. We don’t have that long to wait.

via Mobilesyrup; GSM Arena; Postel

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