Sony Xperia S may be dirt-repellent with fast charging

Sony’s newest flagship, the Xperia S (known as the Xperia Ion in the US), has a couple extra tricks up its sleeve that we didn’t know about. It will feature a special nano coating that is said to repel dirt, as well as being UV Active. It has already been confirmed by Sony themselves that the phone will feature an anti-stain coat, but this sounds like there is more to it. The phone is also said to feature a new battery tech that offers faster charging. While currently rumors, these do seem likely.

These sound like great extras to an already solid phone, but at what cost? The new battery tech may charge faster, but we have no idea if it will hold that charge longer or shorter than a normal battery. Sony may be using it as a solution to poor battery life on the handset, but is it even worth it if the phone can’t make it through the day? We’ll have to find out once the phone is released, and hopefully it will offer both a good charge and fast charging. What would you take? Faster charging and a shorter battery life or longer charging with a long lasting battery life? Let us know in the comments!

via Xperia Blog;
image via PhoneDog

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