Sprint Galaxy Nexus plays nice with Google Wallet

There is stuff that Verizon does right and then there’s the other stuff. Lately, the “other stuff” category seems to be getting a lot of new additions. Today, we’re going to add one more item to that list and hope that Verizon takes some notes. Earlier today, we reported on the Sprint Galaxy Nexus. Well, we got some more information and it now looks like the new Google flagship phone will be coming to Sprint with one more app in tow, Google Wallet.

As you may already know, Google Wallet is an app that allows for NFC (Near-Field Communication) transactions. Now, if you’ve been keeping track, you may know that Google Wallet is facing opposition from a carrier-supported alternative called ISIS. Verizon is in fact the biggest proponent of the ISIS system and as such, refused to ship the Galaxy Nexus with the app installed. Luckily, not all carriers try to stifle competition and Sprint is leading that charge. We have learned that Google Wallet will indeed come with the Sprint flavor of the phone. Hopefully, Verizon is taking notes.

via Cnet

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