Steve Wozniak goes on record: Android does things iPhone can’t

Uh oh, not all’s well over in Cupertino. It looks like Steve “Woz” Wozniak has gone on record to admit that there are a variety of features that he wishes were on his iPhone.

“My primary phone is the iPhone; I love the beauty of it, but I wish it did all the things my Android does, I really do.”

There you have it folks,  we finally have acknowledgement of what we already knew. No, we don’t get surprised by a simple statement of fact. Some of the features that he pointed to were voice capability, back-end data connectivity, or built-in navigation. An added tidbit was that Steve finds his Siri not working the way that it once did. Specifically, he highlighted that his Siri no longer responds with relevant answers… (Hey Steve, Google Voice Search hasn’t failed us yet, time to go back to the drawing board). He did point out that the iPhone 4S is still his daily workhorse and that it is a great piece of hardware for those that are “scared of computers”. Seems like a very valid point from where we’re standing.

via Android Guys


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