T-Mobile may be next in line for Galaxy Nexus

You read the headline and you’re excited, but let’s not get ahead of ourselves. Looks like the folks over at CellphoneSignal have uncovered some database code that may reference the Galaxy Nexus. The code in question is pictured above and you can clearly see that Samsung is listed as the vendor of what is classified as the SGH-T999. Now, for those that know, T-Mobile usually uses the a prefix T with a 9 as the last character of the model code. For instance the Samsung Sidekick 4G’s T-Mobile model number is the T839.

Now the second thread of evidence that this may indeed be the Galaxy Nexus in disguise is the screen resolution of 720×1280, which of course, is the same 720P HD resolution that the Nexus features. Unfortunately, this isn’t really definitive proof. This could be a totally different phone with the same resolution, but what are the chances of that? In any case, we may be seeing an end to the Galaxy Nexus’ exclusivity agreement with Verizon. We’ll just have to wait and see.

via CellPhoneSignal 


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