Throw snowballs at a snowman with this new Easter egg on Android’s official site

Google lovers their Easter eggs. Little presents for the fans out there, where we get to either interact with the company’s mobile OS mascot, or find little nuggets of joy in other locations. On Android’s official site, the previous Easter egg that people found after the site’s update was the ability to have the little Android mascot wave, juggle, and moonwalk. He’s changed up his antics for the Winter season.

If you head on over to the site, which you can find through the source link below, just scroll to the very bottom of the screen, where you’ll find the little green ‘droid. Once you’re there, just click on him, and the screen will shift to a snowball throwing match between you and a snowman. You’ll have a nice wind indicator to help you gauge your throws, and you can move around. The first to hit their target three times wins.

If you win, you get a medal. Sounds run, right?

via Android

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