Transformer Prime users report that they’re unable to upgrade to ICS

It’s always terrible being the messenger delivering bad news. It’s a thankless task but hey, someone’s gotta do it. Today is just one of those days when we have to let everyone know that something is just not working right. The much lauded Transformer Prime is in the spotlight today for some difficulties customers are experiencing in their ICS upgrade package. Now this isn’t affecting everyone, and there isn’t much that we know about what’s causing this issue, but yes, it is indeed confirmed.

Users are stating that when they try to update, their slates are showing that their serial number is listed as “Unknown” and that is stopping any update from being applied. In true tech-support fashion, Asus has asked that customers that are experiencing this issue perform a… you guessed it… full factory reset. If it doesn’t work, they ask that you do it again and let the tablet sit for about 15 minutes before trying to update again. We know, weird and unhelpful. Still they say it should help most so let us know how it works out below!

via Engadget

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