Two new Google TV devices announced

We haven’t heard anything major about Google TV since way back in 2010, but Google isn’t quite ready to let it die. Sony has just taken the wraps off both a new Blu-ray player and a media streamer. Both will feature multiple Sony apps including TrackID for Android, and Media Remote. Sony is aiming to get users to use their phones to control the TV, as it is most likely that anyone who buys a Google TV product has a smartphone.

They will both also feature a redesigned remote, with a touchpad with support for 3-axis motion and gestures, along with a new backlit keyboard. The higher-end Blu-Ray model also features a built-in mic with support for Google voice search, something we’re sure many users could find as a useful feature. The devices are planned to launch this summer, and there currently no information on price. Do you think Google TV can make a come back? Is it too late now? Let us know in the comments!

via TechCrunch

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